Framtidsfrön is a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting and developing entrepreneurship in preschool and school. We want to contribute to a sustainable society. With the help of education, teaching materials and activities that stimulate creativity, problem solving and entrepreneurship, we inspire school staff and contribute pupils motivation in school.

We want a society where entrepreneurship is an obvious part of the school’s work!

For us, entrepreneurship is all about creativity, courage and the desire to learn. We want all youth to feel the desire and motivation to learn for the future.

We started in Linköping in 2002 as an EU project with the County Administrative Board, LO and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise backing us. The project was born out of a belief in that entrepreneurs are formed already at a young age and that an approach that promoting entre-preneurship should permeate the entire school.

We are an inspiring and driven organization with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. We are fully convinced that our inspiring teaching materials and methods will help the school to work practically with creativity, problem solving, driving forces and entrepreneurship. A close collaboration between the school and the outside world creates more young entrepreneurs.

Framtidsfrön are working nationwide with our partners and offering a range of services to schools and stakeholders. We have gained great experience in working internationally during a variety of projects with different nations, stakeholders, schools and teachers.

We offer:

  • Workshops for entire work teams or individual educators. In all our educations, theory is intersperesed with practice.
  • Teaching material for educators and teachers to use – available digitally and ready to use!
  • School workshops where Framtidsfrön visit schools and carry out lessons and activities.

Our inspirational materials and classroom tools spread through our website and through a variety of workshops and lectures. We meet approximately 9000 students between the ages of 6-15 years in classroom situations yearly, and we meet, inspire and/or train approximately 3000 teachers, student counselors and head teachers on a yearly basis. This is excluding all teachers and students that are using our digital material.

We have employees that are experienced teachers/pedagogues and employees that have substantial experience from the trade and industry as well as with authorities, which ensure both perspectives regarding co-operation between schools and business life.

Framtidsfrön educates teachers in methods and supporting materials in preschool up to secondary school. We offer activities and inspiration for students from primary- to upper secondary school.

Our goals is to promote collaboration between classrooms and the outside world through entrepreneurship. We do this by meeting students and talking to them about their passions, motivations and expectations for the future.

We make it easier for teachers, student counselors and principals to work with entrepreneurship in the school. By being the link between the classroom and the outside world, we want to contribute to students meeting the outside world with self-confidence and with the abilities that professional life demands today.

Our tools focus on open tasks with a real recipient outside the classroom. They contain components that sharpen the students’ abilities to work in groups, their communicative ability and are based on an approach where the students are active in pursuing their own learning.